Orthopedic Surgeon Launches Innovative Case Management Platform

With the CaseCTRL platform, surgeons schedule more cases while decreasing the administrative workload for themselves and their practices.

HOUSTON, Texas, October 2, 2020 – Orthopedic surgeon Ashvin K. Dewan, MD, in partnership with veteran healthcare IT systems engineer Pamela Singh, announces the launch of CaseCTRL, a modern surgical case management platform that allows any electronic medical record (EMR) system to harness artificial intelligence and automation to improve and accelerate surgical care delivery.

CaseCTRL is the brainchild of Dr. Dewan, who practices out of Sugar Land, Texas. Frustrated with the inefficiencies associated with surgery coordination, Dr. Dewan put his engineering background to work and built an app to better track his surgical candidates. One year later, the app directly contributed to 40 additional cases that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional collections.

At the encouragement of his practice administrator, Dr. Dewan teamed up with operations and software experts Pamela Singh and Saachi Roye to craft a customizable platform for any surgeon's workflow.

"Every year, tens of millions of dollars are lost due to administrative waste associated with inefficient case scheduling," Dr. Dewan says. "Surgeons have grown complacent, following low-tech processes to support their high-tech surgery. This frustrates surgeons and their staff and contributes to mismanaged caseloads and preventable cancellations. We designed CaseCTRL to empower everyone in the surgical chain of command and eliminate waste and inefficiencies."

At the heart of the CaseCTRL platform is Case Builder, which incorporates artificially intelligent algorithms to learn surgeon preferences, making it effortless for a surgeon to build a case within seconds. The platform's HIPAA-compliant Intelligent Repository references the individual surgeon case preferences and immediately disseminates information to appropriate stakeholders, eliminating the dependency on the surgeon. The platform's Risk Analyzer decision support tool assesses patient- and case-specific risk factors and generates actionable feedback to mitigate complications. Automatic notifications, including a virtual patient guide, further enhance care coordination, liberating the scheduler from mundane, time-consuming tasks.

The end results of using CaseCTRL: increased case volume, decreased cancellations, increased accountability, greater collaboration between stakeholders, and more confident engaged surgical candidates. The platform's intuitive dashboards unlock collaboration in surgery scheduling — a historically insular workflow. Since CaseCTRL tracks and audits every step of surgical coordination, the surgeon is no longer reliant on a single person to complete the scheduling process. And in the pandemic era, where personnel may need to unexpectedly quarantine, this is critical to sustaining business continuity.

"CaseCTRL is designed to optimize and supercharge scheduling —  the bread and butter of any surgical practice," Dr. Dewan says. "What's different about our platform is that it tackles the problems associated with scheduling beginning where the surgery journey starts: in the clinic with the patient. From there, CaseCTRL delivers end-to-end support of the entire surgical process, even nurturing and converting undecided surgical candidates, ultimately delivering a significant boost to the bottom line."

Implementing CaseCTRL requires completion of a few steps. It starts with CaseCTRL engaging all stakeholders — surgeon, scheduler, practice administrator, and any applicable ambulatory surgery center and/or hospital representatives —  in a "customer discovery process." After establishing the client’s needs, the team customizes CaseCTRL to match existing processes and integrate with the client’s EMR to limit disruption. An initial dry run is performed to identify remaining opportunities for improvement, and the platform is launched in as little as two weeks.

"Imagine a surgeon with more mind space for patients, free from paperwork, using our platform to expertly transfer their knowledge," CaseCTRL co-founder Singh says. "Imagine a patient escorted on a confidence-inspiring journey with a personalized virtualized guide preparing them for their stressful surgery. Imagine a supercharged scheduler relieved of repetitive manual tasks thanks to error-reducing automation. Finally, imagine a practice administrator in control of the surgical case pipeline with easy access to the data they need to identify leaks or bottlenecks. That's the power of CaseCTRL."

The official launch of CaseCTRL follows the completion of initial beta testing and adoption by several organizations. Providers can choose from three service tiers with varying functionality: starter level, which is most beneficial for new surgeons and individuals performing procedures in multiple locations; professional level, which is for growing practices with up to 10 surgeons; and the enterprise level, which is for large, multi-specialty practices and hospitals.

Surgeons and administrators interested in learning more about CaseCTRL and scheduling a demo should visit casectrl.com, call (281) 356-0595, or email info@casectrl.com.

About CaseCTRL

CaseCTRL is a modern surgical case management appliance for any EMR, built by surgeons, for surgeons. CaseCTRL’s point-of-care Case Builder tool helps surgeons craft a case within seconds, harnessing artificial intelligence to automate the completion of administrative processes and disseminate information to the appropriate stakeholders. CaseCTRL’s silo-busting technology empowers the team, eliminates surgeon dependency, and supercharges the scheduling process. The CaseCTRL platform delivers end-to-end case support, helping improve surgical volume and collections, reduce administrative waste, and enhance patient and staff satisfaction. To learn more and schedule a demo of CaseCTRL, visit casectrl.com, call (281) 356-0595, or email info@casectrl.com.

Supercharge your surgical scheduling. See how caseCTRL can work for you. Show me a demo.
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