CaseCTRL at Founded in Texas - SXSW 2021

CaseCTRL CEO & Co-founder, Pamela Singh, is among the Texas-based female founders chosen by Project W and The Artemis Fund to present their company at 'Founded In Texas' during SXSW 2021! Founded in Texas is a collaboration created to support women-driven, Texas-based companies during this year's SXSW, one of the biggest weeks in tech of the year. 

During the 2-hour event, female founders of B2B and B2B2C technology companies will present their companies to select investors and industry experts. Following each presentation, there will be a Q&A with investor feedback.

Presenter Founded In Texas

More about Project W and The Artemis Fund: 

The Artemis Fund is passionate about closing the gender equity and wealth gaps by investing in female-founded companies. Based in Texas, Artemis invests in tech-enabled, seed stage, companies led by female founders across the US.

Project W believes in a future where women achieve gender equity in their working lives – whether in funding for their companies or in pay and promotion in the workplace. Project W is fiercely committed to doing their part to make that future a reality.

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