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July 20, 2021
CaseCTRL: A Techstars Portfolio Company
CaseCTRL is thrilled to join The Techstars Worldwide Network for Entrepreneurs. In addition to helping startups thrive, Techstars operates accelerator programs and venture capital funds, and they...
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July 14, 2021
The 4 Most Common Issues in Surgery Scheduling and How to Overcome Them
Anyone who works in an ambulatory surgery center is familiar with how challenging and frustrating the process of scheduling surgery can be. Often, the surgical scheduling process relies heavily on...
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July 5, 2021
CaseCTRL featured in 'Downtown Houston' Magazine
CaseCTRL is thrilled to be featured on the Downtown Houston Summer 2021 Final Issue.
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June 29, 2021
Surgery Scheduling: 5 Reasons Why Paper-Based Forms Do Not Work
Outpatient surgery in the U.S. is projected to grow to 144 million cases (or $1 trillion of the market) by 2023, with declining reimbursement and more administrative bureaucracy to deliver such care....
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June 25, 2021
CaseCTRL awarded as a winner in 2021 Alumni Napier Rice Launch Championship
CaseCTRL is excited to announce a victory at the 2021 NRLC Alumni Championship!
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June 22, 2021
What is Surgical Block Utilization?
Block scheduling is a part of many operating rooms’ regular administrative business. Many surgeons work best when given predictable blocks, usually as half days or full days. This gives them the...
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June 21, 2021
CaseCTRL selected as Finalist at 2021 Alumni Napier Rice Launch Challenge
CaseCTRL is honored to be selected as a Finalist in the 2021 Napier Rice Launch Challenge (NRLC) Alumni Track. The H.Albert Napier Rice Launch Challenge Startup Competition is a startup competition...
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June 7, 2021
June 10th, 2021: Join CaseCTRL at OrthoForum in New Orleans
Planning is in full swing for the upcoming OrthoForum Annual Conference and Physician Entrepreneurs Exhibit Fair! Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ashvin Dewan, will be showcasing CaseCTRL...
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June 4, 2021
5 of the Most Important Operating Room Performance Metrics
Operating room resources are the most valuable in a hospital setting. Estimates show that the cost of an operating room stands at $30 to $100 per minute. The high cost is just one reason hospitals...
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May 19, 2021
6 Ways to Overcome Operating Room Planning and Scheduling Challenges
Did the pandemic highlight challenges in your operating room (OR) planning and scheduling process? Though challenges may have been magnified, they are not new. Surgery scheduling has historically...