Meet Ufuoma Abire - Software Engineer

CaseCTRL welcomes Ufuoma Abire to the team as a Software Engineer!

Ufuoma finds honesty, reliability, and dedication to be the most important qualities to being successful as a developer. For over 14 years he has been involved in various projects centering around patient care and management. These projects have spanned various programming languages from Microsoft FoxPro to JavaScript and .Net.

Ufuoma holds a Master’s degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University Evanston in Illinois where for his final thesis, he analyzed consumer sentiments for both Apple and Samsung phones. This he achieved by scraping thousands of webpages of consumer comments of both Apple and Samsung for use in the analysis.

When not working, Ufuoma likes to learn musical notations and also teach them. He loves to spend time with his wife and kids. Ufuoma enjoys traveling and exploring the city of Houston, Texas. 

We are thrilled to have Ufuoma come aboard! 

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