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Dr. Dewan - Interview With Shoutout HTX

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Our Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ashvin Dewan was recently interviewed by ShoutOut HTX, where he shared more about his journey and unique insight as a physician entrepreneur! 

For those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?

"After finishing my orthopedic surgical training at Johns Hopkins, I took a position working at a community hospital in my hometown of Sugar Land. It was the culmination of years of education and hard work. Once I settled into my new practice, I began to yearn for a new challenge and learning.

I noticed an unmet clinical need in my practice where patients preparing for surgery were getting mismanaged. With a background in software development from my Rice undergraduate days, I began tinkering with ways to enhance the patient experience in my practice. Soon, my surgical scheduler was leveraging a library of tools I crafted to streamline the surgical scheduling process. Eventually, my practice administrator noticed the efficiency in my practice and asked whether other surgeons could benefit from the same, and that’s when the commercialization potential for the software came to light. I teamed up with my wife, and we went all-in on creating CaseCTRL, AI-powered surgical scheduling.

Little did I know what we were getting into! We learned real quick that taking an idea, funding it, marketing it, selling it, and servicing it, are all very different challenges. The first lesson we learned was how to articulate the vision. If you cannot excite customers, employees, partners, investors, etc about what you are building, then the sad reality is no one is going to join you for the ride. We sought help from our local entrepreneur community and very soon learned how to sell our vision."

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